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 wicked my emotional journey of obesession lol!

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Shiz Student
Shiz Student

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PostSubject: wicked my emotional journey of obesession lol!   Sat Dec 30, 2006 3:27 pm

ok heres my lovely story on how i got so obsessed with wicked :)

sorry its so long if you cant be bothered to read it all just read the end its the bit with the stars it basically explains what wicked has done for me

on a regular boring day at school our head of year came into our form room, put some reply slips on our tutors desk then left. Later that day when they were handed out i took one look at it jumped up screaming and shouted "we're going to the west end!!!!"
my mum insisted i bought a really nice dress (which i was more than happy about!) and i got soooooo excited!!! the day we were going came but then at the very last minute we were told we had to wear uniform so my gorgous dress would have to wait :(

anyway we went to the evening performance on the 6th of november which was amazing!!!! i ended up in the back row but it was great anyway!

i got home and within the next few days i couldnt stop thinking about wicked but all my friends had all ready lost interest in it and within the next week they were allready fed up with me for going on about it.
i went on about it at home too and begged my dad for tickets and eventually he bought 3 tickets to the show one for me one for my cousin and one for my best friend!!!!

woke up at 6 jumping up and down and for the 2nd time got my black dress out ready to wear. me and my best friend were gonna be elphie ( me obviously!!) and glinda which is kinda weird seeing as i have blonde hair and she has brown but oh well! anyway 11am got a text saying that my friend didnt want to wear her dress anymore so i would look completely stupid wearing an a nice black dress when shes wearing jeans! so i ended up wearing jeans too
so anyway we got up to london and we spent 30 minutes outside taking pics of the apollo victoria and then another 30 minutes with me twirling round the shop saying "daddy please buy me this daddy, daddy!" and making the staff laugh by pulling puppy dog faces when he wouldnt buy me the hoodie and they said i was sweet lol

we got to our seats althoughh we were 10 minutes early and i was sooooooooo excited i started shaking and my friends got scared i was gonna faint!! when it finally did start i was so overwhemed with happiness i started crying. i found myself mouthing the words to all the songs and at defying gravity i got sooo overwhelmed i nearly fainted i was shaking throughout the intermission!! before long it was no good deed and again i almost fainted!!! i cryed at for good and the finale with fiyero and elphie reunited! its soooo sweet! then at the end i insisted we waited for everyone to leave and then i ran down to the stage and looked at it except i wish i didnt cos you can see all the wires which kinda spoiled the magic :(

anyway a few days later i found out when idinas last performance was and for the next month i was planning ways to convince my parents to buy me tickets and they all failed so here i am depressed as anything :(

***words cant describe how much wicked has changed me as a person. i feel as though wicked describes my life. i have been rejected by people like elphie and have many friends like glinda but only one that truly mattered. idina has also inspired me, showed me that you can make your dreams come true if you just believe in yourself. words cant describe how much i am going to miss idina because i missed my chance to see her last performance and meet her at stage door but i still count myself extremely lucky to have seen wicked in the 1st place***

x-x-x :heatb: :heatb: :heatb: :loove: :loove: :loove: :spw:
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PostSubject: Re: wicked my emotional journey of obesession lol!   Tue Oct 02, 2007 1:23 pm

i agree with everything u said! i never cried in a show before. i used to be u know normally emotional, if something was really sad i might get a bit teary eyed but not have any tears rolling down my cheeks. When i saw Idina i cried the whole time! my cheeks were soaked! i came out with goosebumps and shivers i thought of nothing else for weeks except that show and how amazing she is! Idina seriously is an inspiration i still cant get over how beautiful she is and how absolutely talented she is and was in that show!
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PostSubject: Re: wicked my emotional journey of obesession lol!   Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:58 am

aww! i get like that too!! i cant help it! its just like... everything else doesnt matter... the only thing that does is Wicked and Idina!!!! argh! Idina made me speechless for about 2 months and every time somebody asked me about her or Wicked... i just stood screamed and went all odd! haha! all my mouth could come out with was... ARGH!! and maybe a fantastic in there too! haha! Wicked is the one show that made me laugh, cry, get angry, and just scream out in amazement at every possible opportunity! I have changed too since seeing Wicked... hehe... and im always trying to get my mates to take me to see it! any excuse to see it again!!!!
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Emerald City Citizen
Emerald City Citizen

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PostSubject: Re: wicked my emotional journey of obesession lol!   Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:28 pm

well that was a nice read :) yeah i think wicked was the first time i cried in public actually! and you still nearly faint during defying gravity...and thats good!
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PostSubject: Re: wicked my emotional journey of obesession lol!   

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wicked my emotional journey of obesession lol!
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