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 No One Mourns The Wicked - Story

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PostSubject: No One Mourns The Wicked - Story   Sun Sep 02, 2007 9:38 am

[b]No One Mourns the Wicked
By Aimee Carney

Chapter 1 – No One Mourns the Wicked

Our story begins at the end of the story, outside the Wizard’s palace, in the Emerald City, capital of the Land of Oz, where a thrillifying celebration is taking place.
“Good news, good news Ozians! She’s dead! The Witch of the West is dead!” Shouts a man making his way towards the crowd.
“Thank goodness!” The crowd say with a relieving sigh.
“Hey look, its Glinda our saviour!” Someone in the crowd shouts.

Glinda, beautiful in her gown and tiara, descends from the sky in a magnificent bubble.
“Is it really her? It is, it’s her!” Mutter the people of Oz, eyes glowing.
“It’s good to see me isn’t it? No need to respond – that was rhetorical!” Glinda says in a high-pitched tone.
Interrupting Glinda, whilst trying to explain what had happened, a rude man in the crowd with long, dark hair asks curiously.
“Exactly how dead is the Wicked Witch of the West?”
“Well”, replies Glinda trying to find the man that asked such a question, “because there has been so much rumour and speculation, innuendo, outuendo – let me set the record straight: According to the Time Dragon Clock, The melting occurred at the thirteenth hour, the direct result of a bucket of water thrown by a female child. Yes, the Wicked Witch of the West is dead!”

The crowd cheered and started to sing. After everyone praising Glinda of her goodness, someone else asked her a question.
“Glinda, why does wickedness happen?”
Glinda replies after thinking carefully, “That’s a good question, my dear. A one question that many people may find confussifying: Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?
Many people looking confused asked Glinda to explain further.
“Well after all, she had a childhood. She had a father … who just happened to be the Govener of Munchkin Land” Glinda explained, trying to remember what had happened before she had met the Witch.
“Let me show you” Glinda says casting a spell that would tell the story of the Witch’s past.

There right in front of the crowd and Glinda, was a sombre-looking man who happened to be the Witch’s father Frex.
“I’m just off to the assembly dear!” Shouted Frex, heading out of the door.
A beautiful woman, with a cream complexion rushes to Frex’s side: who happens to be the Witch’s mother Melena.

“Oh, how I hate to go and leave you lonely” Frex mutters with emotion.
“That’s alright; it’s only just one night” Melena replies rushing him out of the door.
He kisses her, and she waves goodbye, only to wipe his kiss off her cheek with disgust once he has left. We then see her making her way over to the front door, where a mysterious man, whose face remains in the shadow appears. It happens to be Melena’s secret lover.
The mysterious man asks Melena to have a swig of a tiny, green bottle, which labels ‘Green Elixir’. This however, is how the Witch conceived her emerald, green complexion. They kiss, sink to the floor and the mysterious man disappears. Melena struggles to get back on her feet, now hugely pregnant and groaning. She suddenly clutches herself in pain. Frex rushes in, along with a mid-wife, who happens to be an antelope.

“The baby’s coming! The baby’s coming!” Says the mid-wife rushing Melena onto a bed.
“Now? How can it be?” Asks Frex with a puzzled expression.
“Oh, I see a nose and a curl! It’s a healthy, perfect, lovely little – AARRRGGHH! Screams the mid-wife not believing the colour the baby has turned out to be.
“What is it what’s wrong?” Melena cries nervously.
“How can it be? It’s Atrocious!” The mid-wife mutters, looking the baby up and down.
“It’s obscene!! What does this mean Nanny?” Asks Frex in disgust.
“The baby is unnaturally green like a cabbage!”
“Take it away Nanny” Frex says in disappointment.
“But – Frex it’s your baby” Nanny answers trying to get Frex to even look at the new born child.
“I said take it away!” Raising his voice, Frex charges out of the room and Melena and the mid-wife disappear.

“So you see it couldn’t have been easier” Glinda says with emotion, then pausing to find the right words. “Well – this has been fun. But as you can imagine I have much to attend to, what with the Wizard’s unexpected departure. And so, if there are no further questions –
Suddenly someone in the crowd interrupts her again, it just so happens to be the same person that interrupted her the first time.
“Glinda! Is it true you were her friend?!”
The crowd gasps in disbelief and a young woman goes to whack him with her stick. Glinda freezes, completely thrown. And once again the past comes alive. For Glinda suddenly sees – her friend Elphaba, just as she was on the day that Galinda (as she was known then) first laid eyes on her: young, hopeful and above everything else … green.

Chapter 2 – Dear Old Shiz

In a parlour at Shiz University, the incoming students gathered. Galinda arrives last perched on an enormous stack of luggage. Galinda and all of the other students rudely gape at Elphaba.
“Who and what is that?” Galinda curiously asks herself, not expecting everyone to hear, especially Elphaba.
Elphaba with an annoyed expression quickly answers “Hello, I’m Elphaba Thropp, the new and green student at Shiz University. No I am not seasick, yes I have always been green and no, I didn’t eat grass as a child!”
Elphaba’s father scolds her for making a scene and reminds her to take care for her sister Nessarose, who happens to be in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Galinda is thrilled to have met the head mistress of Shiz University; Madame Morrible. Galinda, Elphaba and the other students wait quietly to hear where and who they will be rooming with.
“Oh and last but not least Miss Galinda and ... Well as Fiyero Tigelar has not arrived, I will be giving Galinda the opportunity to share her room with … Err lets see ... Ah Miss Elphaba Thropp!”
“WHAT!!” Shout Galinda and Elphaba in despair.
Elphaba shaken because she thought she was rooming with her sister tries to explain to Madame Morrible that it is all a misunderstanding. As Madame Morrible starts to wheel Nessarose away, Elphaba looses control and makes something magical occur. Nessarose is mortified, but when Elphaba tries to apologise, Madame Morrible simply says she should never apologise for talent because talent is a gift.

“Elphaba, have you ever considered a career in sorcery?” Madame Morrible asks getting closer towards Elphaba.
“Err not really”
“Well … I shall tutor you privately and take no other students!”
We hear Galinda gasp in shock, as she was the one that wanted a career in sorcery.
“Elphaba, many years I have waited for a gift like yours to appear, and that’s why I predict the Wizard could make you his Magic Grand Vizier!”
“The Wizard?” Elphaba asks excitedly.
“My dear, my dear, I’ll write at once to the Wizard and tell him of you in advance. What a talent like yours dear, there is a defin-ish chance!!
The crowd disperses and leaves Elphaba alone, dazed and thrilled.

Chapter 3 – Dr Dillamond

It was an autumn afternoon, and everyone was enjoying their lunch break until the rusty bell gave way. This meant one thing for Galinda and her friends; it was time for history with Doctor Dillamond, and also her enemy and rather different room mate Elphaba. Just the thought of it made Galinda want to quit being at Shiz altogether, but she had to deal with it. After all she was rooming with her.

Doctor Dillamond was a professor and a wise one at that. He had studied many subjects and was very intelligent because of this. Whenever you saw him, he would either be eating sugar paper down by Shiz Lake, boring people with his lectures, or he would have his head buried in a rather extraordinary book, containing historical facts or knowledge.

Galinda and her friends had just turned the corridor, when they spotted Elphaba waiting outside the classroom door patiently, with her sister Nessarose. She was already early, and her hands were wrapped around a stack of old looking books. She also had a bright green quill tucked neatly behind one of her sharp, pointy ears, underneath her knitted school hat.
Walking towards her with her friends, and swinging her fluffy white handbag with a smirk, Galinda rudely joked “Look girls, that quill resembles something! Oh yes it’s her skin colour!!
The other girls giggled and so did Boq, even though he was meant to be Elphaba’s friend. Elphaba just took no notice and stared down at the floor, where she could see her chocolate brown boots. A few tears filled up in her eyes, but she shook her head to make sure they wouldn’t trickle down her emerald face.

Nessarose glared at everyone in disappointment, especially Galinda as she knew she was doing this for even more attention than she already had. “Oh Elphaba” Nessarose said trying to support her sister in this crisis.
“What Nessa? Nothing’s wrong, I’m simply fine. It’s them that are wrong!” She blurted out towards the blonde one that had made such rude remarks.
“Are you sure you’re alright? Look, I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to face them sooner or later. There really is no point in getting all upset over nothing”
“I’m NOT upset!! I’ve never been better!” Elphaba quickly disrupted.

The Thropp sisters were now both staring down to the floor, in shame that they wouldn’t win against Galinda and her other classmates. But they just ignored and sometimes commented back, especially Nessarose, which did make the others try to think of more disturbing things to say and also encouraged them even more. They were still glaring at their not very fascinating feet, when the door flung open and a cheery face of a goat professor, peered out from around the corner. It was indeed their history teacher Doctor Dillamond.

“Why, hello fellow Shizians!! What a pleasure to meet you all. I’m sorry I was a bit late, it’s just I was discussing some erm … issues about Oz and animal rights” Elphaba and Nessarose gave each other a look at that point, which meant they both thought something was fishy. Two bald men wearing black suits and hats walked out of the classroom door, at this precise moment, raising their hairy eyebrows towards the professor. As they walked off everyone turned heads as they looked very peculiar, but no one thought anything of it after that, not even Elphaba and Nessarose who were very nosy. He seemed like one of those teachers who would lecture for hours on end, but Elphaba, Nessarose and Boq seemed to like him.
“Now I’m just going to take your register” He said not looking up from his clipboard, while the others gathered in and settled themselves down on a shiny and slippery bench.
“Elphaba Thropp, is it?” He asked trying to find the student.
“Yes it’s me” She murmured looking down once again, but not at her feet this time, she was opening her writing pad.
“Oh … yes” He answered back with the most shocked look on his face, this was however because of her peculiar appearance.


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No One Mourns The Wicked - Story
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